Reducing water usage and protecting watercourses

Reducing water use

One of our long-term environmental commitments is around reducing water use at our processing sites.

For us, protecting water isn’t only about reducing long-term use of extracted water, but it is also about keeping local watercourses clean to protect natural habitats.

Our progress

Recovering and reusing water

Over the last decade, we have reduced the amount of extracted water per tonne of milk by recovering and reusing water within our processes. This represents over 30% of our water usage. We will continue to focus on water use reduction and report annually on progress.

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Protecting water courses

For many years we have run a nutrient offset project with our farmers around our Haverfordwest Creamery, to offset the Nitrates, Phosphates, and sediment from the creamery effluent treatment plant (ETP). Members farming around the factory have played a key role within this group in implementing successful mitigation measures on their land to facilitate reduction as a group.

In 2020, we also started a similar group at our Lake District Creamery, and we have seen progress in this group already as they have successfully implemented similar practices.

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