All businesses have a responsibility to act sustainably…

But this isn’t only our moral obligation - as well as caring about food being safe, nutritious and affordable, consumers also want to know that it is produced in a way that minimises the impact to people, animals and the environment.

Back in 2019, we launched our First4Milk sustainability programme, which set out a range of commitments to ensure we protect and enhance the global environment we all share.

Our vision for First4Milk is that we regenerate the earth every day to enrich life and nourish future generations. This covers everything from our impact on climate change to the way we treat people, operate our creameries and to the health and welfare of animals on our members’ farms.

When it comes to dealing with the climate emergency, we have set bold targets as part of our ambition to be a leader in sustainability. We are committed to achieving net zero by 2040 at the latest, with a target to reduce our carbon footprint at farm level by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero in transport and processing by 2035. We aim to sequester 100,000t of CO2e per annum on members’ farms by 2025 and are focused on utilising renewable sources of energy in our processing sites by 2030.

This will help us safeguard the future for our dairy farmer owners, whilst ensuring that consumers can continue to enjoy the great taste, nutrition and health benefits available from a balanced diet including dairy consumption, with none of the associated climate guilt.

You can find out more about First4Milk in the information below, and we’ll be adding new information to this page on a regular basis.

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You can also review our sustainability reporting for the year ending March 31, 2020, by viewing our Annual Report.

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