Enriching life everyday, to secure the future

First Milk is a British farmer-owned dairy co-operative. We’re proud to be a B Corp and demonstrate how dairy can be a force for good.

About us

Strong, collaborative

We work together to produce the highest quality dairy products and we are united by a single commitment – to enrich life every day to secure the future.

Our partners

Making dairy a force for good

Who we are

We’re a co-operative owned by the farmers who supply us

What we do

Making dairy a force for good

How we do business

Our vision is to enrich life every day to secure the future

Our farms

We are proud to be a farmer-owned co-operative

Our creameries

We have three well-invested, efficient dairy processing sites

Our products

Award-winning cheese, specialist chilled dairy products, whey and dairy ingredients

Our partners

Working with leaders in the dairy and food sector

Our team

We’re a business that's growing fast

B Corp

We are proud to be a Certified B Corp

Become a First Milk member

Our sustainability and growth aspirations mean that we are looking to recruit new co-operative members and suppliers.


Our sustainability practices

Regenerative agriculture

We want to do good things as well as producing great food

Climate action

Being part of the climate solution

People and communities

People are at the heart of our business

Sustainable sourcing

Collaborative partnerships are at the heart our business


Reducing and minimising waste


Reducing water usage and protecting watercourses

Human rights

Protecting human rights

Performance and reporting

Performance and reporting

“As farmers, we have a moral obligation to farm sustainably providing a more secure future for the next generation, and to survive we have to embrace change.”

Andrew Smith

Enriching life
every day

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the world we live in, whilst producing nutritious, tasty dairy products to feed a growing population.

Our products


First Milk demonstrates bold commitment to farm safety

23 July 2024

First Milk makes it a clean sweep at the world’s biggest cheese show

3 July 2024

First Milk milk tanker

First Milk August milk price to increase by 0.7ppl

28 June 2024

Regenerative dairy co-op presented with King’s Award for Sustainable Development

6 June 2024

First Milk Festival of Regenerative Farming

4 June 2024

First Milk milk tanker

First Milk announces 0.8ppl milk price increase from July 1

31 May 2024

Event of vets, farmers, research scientists and ecologists aims to protect UK dung beetles

20 May 2024

First Milk announces May milk price to increase by 0.75ppl

2 April 2024