Golden Hooves

Golden Hooves is our consumer brand. We believe that great food brings us together – farmers, customers, the community and the planet – all connected through food.

Behind any great food, there’s great people, working hard to make a difference. From our family farmers, looking after cows and land to produce fresh, nourishing milk, to our colleagues, working together to produce our great tasting cheese.

The brand name ‘Golden Hooves’ was chosen to build a connection with regenerative agriculture and celebrate the role of the cow in nourishing the earth. It represents livestock's important role in improving soil health, building organic matter and sequestering carbon, whilst supporting crop growth through nutrient cycling.

Our aim? To make great tasting, every day produce that is good for the planet and good for people – the better choice.

Golden Hooves

Regenerative principles

Golden Hooves is a brand that is pioneering food that nourishes the earth through regenerative farming.

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Our Golden Hooves business has two elements - a branded on-farm milk and dairy vending franchise business, and an award-winning British cheddar brand.

Golden Hooves is a branded on-farm milk and dairy vending franchise business. It forms part of our commitment to telling our story and communicating the benefits of regenerative agriculture to the wider community, as well as offering a new value stream to our members.

Golden Hooves gives members across the country the opportunity to sell milk, cheese and other produce directly from their farm, with the franchise supporting sourcing and supply, payment and central marketing. It offers an attractive farm diversification option which complements our members’ main farming business.

Golden Hooves is also a delicious, award winning, full flavoured British cheddar brand that’s available through farm shops and independent cheese shops in pre-pack format and at the deli counter.

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