Collaborative partnerships are at the heart our business

Sustainable sourcing

No matter how well intentioned, we can’t change the world by ourselves, which is why collaborative partnerships are at the heart of how we do business.

We rely on a large number of suppliers day-to-day and to ensure that we partner with organisations with similar values to our own, we’ve established criteria that integrate social, ethical and environmental factors within our supplier selection and approval.

Sustainable Sourcing

Ethical Trading

We are committed to acting ethically in every aspect of our business. Our commitments to ethical conduct and high standards of social and environmental responsibility in all aspects of our business are communicated in our Ethical Trading Policy.

Ethical Trading Policy

Supplier code of conduct

Whilst our primary focus will remain producing safe, high-quality dairy products at scale, we are committed to doing this responsibly and so we operate a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure responsible practices throughout our supply chain.

We require all suppliers to follow the principles in our Code of Conduct as the minimum standard for all business relationships with First Milk and take all reasonable efforts to ensure that their own suppliers, agents, and sub-contractors also comply with our code. Our code of conduct covers guidance on human rights, labour standards, environment, ethics, product quality & safety, and compliance.

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