RABDF Entrepreneurs in Dairying programme

3 May 2023

We support attendance for five young First Milk members and colleagues on the RABDF Entrepreneurs in Dairying programme each year.

This business training programme for aspiring dairy producers includes sessions on understanding the milk market, looking at future opportunities, people management, finance, tax and trading structures, business planning and funding and succession planning and provides a fantastic introduction to running a successful dairy farming enterprise

Case Study: Ashley Stamper, First4Milk Programme Manager

RABDF Entrepreneurs in Dairying Programme

I’m extremely fortunate to have received funding from First Milk to attend the RABDF Entrepreneurs in Dairying business training programme. The course is run for young dairy producers and those in related industry roles and covers all the important aspects of running a successful dairy business.

In my membership team role, I speak to dairy farmers every day. I’m expected to have broad industry knowledge, be it understanding the milk market, succession planning or farm finances. I’m hoping the course equips me to speak knowledgeably about business matters on farm. We are now halfway through the course and have concentrated on people management, bookkeeping, tax and trading structures with succession planning and business plans still to come.

The course is proving very beneficial to me, and I would urge any of our young members to explore any training opportunities offered to you. First Milk is committed to developing its people capability and skill development is an important part of that growth.