Our Regenerative Pioneer Farm programme

3 May 2023

We had an amazing response to our call Over 90% of members submitted a plan before the end of March, representing 96% of our milk volume. Following the positive response to our call for First Milk members to submit a Regenerative Farming Plan in 2022, we set up a network of Regenerative Pioneer Dairy Farms around the country.

These members have agreed to progress their plans with the help of First4Milk valued project partners, such as Farm Carbon Toolkit, Rob Howe (vet), Hutchinsons and Kingshay. The specialist advice received from these partners will focus on one or more aspects of the Pioneer farms’ regenerative farming plans.

The members and partners involved will report on their progress, and any challenges faced, through newsletter articles, video diaries, blogs and farm walks.

Our first Regenerative Pioneer Farm was Dykesfield Farm, Messrs Armstrong, nr Burgh by Sands, Carlisle.

We asked Barry Connolly from Dykesfield Farm what he hoped to gain from the project and his views on the future of dairy farming: “I’m excited to work alongside First Milk and our partners on this project. Through it, I hope to build a more environmentally focused business, working with nature to produce milk more efficiently and to a higher level of sustainable welfare for our animals, environment, and people.

“With consumers focusing on environmental protection and sustainability, I see a positive future for a dairy industry willing to adapt to more sustainable production methods. Dairy production is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to feed a growing world population while protecting the environment for future generations to enjoy.”