First Milk launches regenerative brand platform

8 April 2022

First Milk has today announced the launch of a business extension that will provide a new platform for sales direct to consumers.

The new venture sees First Milk launch a franchise on-farm milk, dairy and produce vending operation under the ‘Golden Hooves’ brand. Initially working with First Milk members, the business will launch in late April with the first site in Derbyshire and long-term plans to have sites across the UK.

Golden Hooves provides consumers with quality, ethical and sustainable produce that they can trust and can access locally. It allows people to buy wholesome food from easy to access, self-serve machines based on the farms where the fresh milk is produced, who are using regenerative methods to nourish the earth.

The brand name makes the connection with regenerative agriculture, representing the important role livestock play in improving soil health, building organic matter and sequestering carbon, whilst supporting crop growth through nutrient cycling. It is a step change in the conversation, focusing on the essential nature of dairy in nourishing people and the planet.

Commenting on the announcement, Shelagh Hancock, Chief Executive, said:

“We know that consumer interest in food provenance is growing and that consumers want to shop locally knowing that food has been produced in a way that protects and enhances animal welfare, mitigates climate change and improves biodiversity. As a co-operative, we have committed to net zero by 2040, launched a regenerative agriculture programme at scale and our members have committed to providing access to pasture for their cows – all things that consumers care about.

“The launch of Golden Hooves builds on this, allowing us to communicate directly with the public about how we are enriching life every day whilst working to secure the future and giving them the opportunity to shop directly from our earth-regenerating farms.

“It will also offer members that are interested an opportunity to diversify their farming businesses in an easily accessible, supported way and will provide returns for all members as we start to sell our products to a wider audience.”

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