First Milk launches branded regenerative cheddar

24 April 2023

First Milk has today launched a new range of regeneratively-produced cheddar, which will be sold under its Golden Hooves brand.

The new premium cheese brand will be available in 200g recyclable retail packs and 2.5kg deli blocks and has been launched at the Farm Shop and Deli Show, which is currently taking place at the NEC.

As well as being a delicious, award-winning British cheddar recipe, Golden Hooves offers customers a way to be part of the climate solution and make a positive difference to nature and biodiversity, as it is produced by a co-operative of farmers dedicated to regenerative farming practices. 

This brand extension comes on the back of the Golden Hooves launch last year, which saw First Milk start the roll out of a network of franchised milk and fresh produce vending sites on its members’ farms.

Commenting on the launch, Leona McDonald, Business Unit Director, Golden Hooves, said:

“We know that consumers care about the provenance of food and about sustainability. As a co-operative of dairy farmers and a Certified B Corporation, First Milk is committed to regenerative thinking, working to make a positive difference to the world around us – we firmly believe that it’s not the cow, it’s the how!

“Building on the success of our Golden Hooves on-farm vending business, this development will help us expand the reach of the brand through a wider product offering and by utilising new distribution channels. Golden Hooves cheese is award-winning, full flavoured British cheddar made from milk from cows that graze, on farms that are committed to the principles of regenerative agriculture. We believe that we can regenerate the earth through great food and, as such, this new brand delivers a unique proposition – tasty and nutritious, whilst being good for the planet, animals and people.”

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