Our partners

As an outward-looking, innovative business we have always sought value in mutually beneficial partnerships, providing prosperity for all involved. By partnering with key businesses from around the world we can ensure we deliver the best returns for our members.

Our partners include:

OrnuaWe have a strong, long-term partnership with Ornua, an agri-food commercial co-operative who market and sell dairy products on behalf of its members. Ornua buy the majority of the block cheddar we produce, for retail packing and sale to retailers across the UK.

FonterraWe are pleased to work closely with Fonterra, one of the world's leading dairy farmer co-operatives based in New Zealand, and currently produce a range of whey protein products from our Lake District Creamery as part of an international joint venture.

VolacWe have a long-term agreement with Volac, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of nutritional whey proteins and lactose products. Volac purchase the whey from our Haverfordwest Creamery.

NestleWe have a long-term relationship with Nestlé UK and Ireland, and sell raw milk to their confectionery and beverage businesses.



We have a strategic alliance with Anglia Farmers, giving our dairy farmers access to inputs at the best possible price, while saving time and resources with support from AF's specialist buyers.



We have a strong, long-standing relationship with Bibby Distribution for raw milk distribution, servicing the requirements of our members and customers 365 days a year.


We have a long-term agreement with Grocontinental, a leading logistics provider to the food industry, who service the cheese maturation and cheese distribution requirements for all of our creameries.