Together, we'll deliver dairy prosperity

First Milk

First Milk is a wholly British farmer-owned dairy co-operative with a vision to create value for members by delivering long-term prosperity in the form of success, profitability, security and well-being.

Owned by the family farms that supply us with milk and invest capital in the business, we produce award-winning cheddar, regional cheeses and dairy ingredients, as well as marketing fresh raw milk to many other UK dairy processors.

We work together as one team, with a relentless focus on efficiency and quality, to deliver competitive total returns to our farmer members. We put customers at the heart of our business, creating value through strong, long-term partnerships.



First Milk announces milk price held for March 2020

First Milk has announced to members that its member milk price will be held for March 2020.


First Milk announces Feb 2020 milk price

First Milk has today announced that its member milk price will be reduced by 0.5ppl from February 1,...


First Milk announces January milk price hold

First Milk has today announced that it will be holding its milk price at the current level for Janua...


First Milk announces December milk price hold

First Milk has today announced to its members that it is holding its December milk price at the curr...

Using locally sourced milk, we produce a range of award winning brands with strong heritage.