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First Milk raises the bar even higher at the world’s biggest cheese show


No stranger to success, First Milk cheese performed particularly strongly at this year’s International Cheese and Dairy Awards winning five major trophies.

The annual show held at Bingley Hall in Staffordshire County Showground attracted over 4,000 cheese entries from across the globe. Some of the most competitive Cheddar classes included over 50 entries; First Milk beat them all.

Although a trophy holder in previous years, this year First Milk’s haul increased to a total of five major trophies:

  • The Volac Trophy: Best Medium Creamery-block Cheddar
  • The Tetra Pak Tebel Award: Best Extra Mature Creamery-block Cheddar
  • The CHR Hansen Double Gloucester Cheese Trophy: Champion Double Gloucester
  • The South Caernarfon Creameries Award: Best Welsh cheese of any variety
  • The Alpma GB Trophy: Champion Home International Cheese of any variety (judged between the best cheese in show from each home country – England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland)

It is the fourth time in six years First Milk’s Double Gloucester from its Haverfordwest Creamery has won Champion Double Gloucester, in addition to the success of its trademark Cheddar cheeses.

Supporting these trophy wins were 20 medals, almost half being much-coveted golds. In traditional-style judging, only one gold, silver and bronze medal is awarded in each class.

Haverfordwest Creamery collected a record seven golds, four silvers and five bronze medals, with a top award in most categories across its full range of cheeses.

It was the vintage and extra mature varieties from the Lake District Creamery in Aspatria which received the highest accolades, including Best English Creamery Cheddar in Show for its Vintage Cheddar.

“This year’s awards are testimony to the outstanding cheese we make from the highest quality milk supplied by our farmer members. These results are the best ever, continuing to improve year on year. I’m absolutely thrilled for everyone involved,” said Jack Eade, First Milk’s Customer Quality Manager.


Full list of medals:


  • Best Welsh Cheese of any Variety (Extra-mature Cheddar)
  • Best English Creamery Cheddar in Show (Vintage Cheddar)
  • White Medium Cheddar UK Creameries 
  • Extra-mature Cheddar UK Creameries
  • Extra-mature Cheddar UK and Overseas Creameries
  • Vintage Cheddar UK and Overseas Creameries
  • Aged Double Gloucester
  • Best Vegetarian Cheddar (Vintage Cheddar)
  • Lighter Cheese (17-23% Fat)


  • Vintage Cheddar UK Creameries
  • White Medium Cheddar UK Creameries
  • White Mature Cheddar UK Creameries
  • Coloured Mature Cheddar UK Creameries
  • Mature White Cheddar UK and Overseas Creameries
  • Best Vegetarian Cheddar (Ex-mature Cheddar)


  • Best Welsh Cheese of any Variety (Vintage Cheddar)
  • Coloured Medium Cheddar UK Creameries
  • Extra-mature Cheddar UK and Overseas Creameries
  • Double Gloucester
  • Lighter Cheese (17-23% Fat)