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Haverfordwest Creamery hits First4Milk sustainability milestones


First Milk has today announced that its creamery at Haverfordwest has hit two sustainability milestones recently.

December 2020 saw the creamery, based at Merlin’s Bridge, send zero food waste to landfill for the first time, with all such waste going to anaerobic digestion plants.

In addition, the amount of water recovered from processing activities reached 50% of all water used at the site.

Commenting on the announcement, David Seeckts, Chief Operating Officer, said:

“All businesses have a responsibility to act sustainably to protect and enhance the global environment we all share. Our First4Milk programme outlines a range of sustainability commitments that we set out to meet by 2025, including a 40% relative reduction in energy, a 30% relative reduction in water use and a 65% relative reduction in CO2e by 2025 against our 2008 baseline. We are significantly ahead of target in energy use and CO2e emissions, and credit must go to our colleagues at the Haverfordwest Creamery for driving forward with these recent developments on food waste and water use, which help us to consolidate our position as we strive to deliver sustainable dairy production for the future.”