First Milk member council election results


First Milk has today announced the results of its recent elections for Member Council representatives, which has seen Scott Calderwood, Willie Purdie and David Walker elected.

Elections were being held for three positions, with four candidates standing. Scott Calderwood and Willie Purdie are existing council members, who were standing for re-election, whilst David Walker is a new Council member.

The Member Council has seven farmer members in total and is chaired by an independent chairman, Séan Rickard. It exists to hold the Board of the co-operative to account, to approve annual budgets and business plans, to support the Board in good governance of the business and to support communication with members.

These elections have been the first direct elections held since the establishment of the Member Council in 2016. The first Council members were selected by a nominations committee established for that purpose, with members approving the appointments at the 2016 AGM.
Going forward, elections will be held each year, with either 3 or 4 serving Council Members retiring by rotation but being eligible for re-election provided that they have not served the maximum two terms of office.

Séan Rickard, Independent Chairman of the Member Council, commented:
"The Member Council plays an important role in the effective governance of First Milk. I look forward to continuing to work with Scott and Willie and welcoming David. All Council members are experienced dairy farmers who not only bring insight and common sense to bear but also work tirelessly to ensure that our business operates effectively for the interests of members."

Jim Baird, farmer director, added:
"After a considerable amount of change in recent years, First Milk is now a stable and secure business, with a clear focus on efficiency and quality. I look forward to working with the newly elected and existing Council members as we focus on delivering competitive total returns to our members."