We believe that good Sustainability today creates good business practice of the future, and drives long-term success. Yes, it's the right thing to do ethically and environmentally, but it's more than that for us. We believe that making Sustainability part of our daily decision-making delivers economic and reputational benefits for our business and our farmers.

The farmers who supply us with milk own our dairy processing business, and that provides a strong platform for us to engage with partners to develop a more stable and resilient supply chain.

We believe that there are three main areas in Sustainability and we do this because we believe that each of these areas cannot be looked at separately as there are so many crossovers.


At First Milk, we've got robust processes in place in a number of areas.

On animal husbandry, the First Milk Farm Sustainability Programme co-ordinates a herd comparison website for our farmers and we're running both herd health and lameness prevention workshops. We've had a bull calf scheme in Scotland for nearly two years. Our plans are to roll this out further, and we are working with our farmers on this.

Health and safety is a big driver across all First Milk sites and has become ingrained as a way of working. Business ethics, supplier relationships and food safety have also become part of the day job.


We are currently running 'Carbon Smart' and 'Money from Muck' seminars for our farmers. We are also working with a number of renewable energy suppliers and are making particularly good progress in this area through our partnership with Land Engineering. 

At our manufacturing sites, our cheese packing plant at Maelor sends zero process waste to landfill and we've targeted our Lake District and Haverfordwest creameries to achieve zero process waste to landfill during this financial year.


If any focus on Sustainability is going to fly, it has to deliver on economic sustainability. It has to deliver farmers an improved margin over time. In order to maximise that we need to deliver greater efficiencies right along the supply chain and each of us have a role and a responsibility in achieving this.

What are we doing now?

Our sustainability programme:

We've developed a strategy and plan for sustainability and we will ingrain that with employees and producers, as well as engaging with our key external stakeholders as part of this framework.  Titled 'First things First' our report details our strategy, and how we will measure our success