Our Locations

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  • Head Office

    Our head office is based in Glasgow just off of the M8.
    Cirrus House
    Glasgow Airport Business Park
    Marchburn Drive
    PA3 2SJ
  • Haverfordwest Creamery

    The Haverfordwest Creamery is home to our award winning Pembrokeshire cheddar. The creamery also manufactures a number of other cheeses such as Red Leicester and Double Gloucester for the own label retail sector.
    Pembroke Road
    Merlin's Bridge
    SA61 1JN
  • The Lake District Creamery

    The Lake District Creamery is the home of our multi-award winning Lake District Dairy Co. brand.

    The site is also a major producer of whey protein products as part of our international joint venture with New Zealand based dairy farmers cooperative, Fonterra.
    Station Road
    CA7 2AR
  • Campbeltown Creamery

    Our Campbeltown Creamery is home to our award winning Mull of Kintyre cheddar and our iconic Scottish brand, Scottish Pride.

    As well as our range of cheeses, the creamery also manufactures a range of own label retail cheddar products, and butter as part of our Scottish Pride range.
    Campbeltown Creamery
    Witchburn Road
    PA28 6JU
  • Torrylinn Creamery

    Torrylinn Creamery is home to our award-winning Isle of Arran Cheddar.

    Located on the Isle of Arran, the creamery and its cheese makers remain true to the traditional handcrafted methods of cheese making today just as they did when the creamery first opened its doors in 1946.
    Torrylinn Creamery
    Isle of Arran
    KA27 8PH