Terry Stars On The Lake District Cheese Packaging

Terry Johnstone, Westray House Farm, Cumbria

Terry Johnstone claims to be a shy man – but you wouldn't know it. Terry and his daughter, Rosie (10), are to have a starring role in the poster campaign supporting the launch of the brand new Cumbrian Cheddar range from the Lake District Cheese Company.

The Johnstones have a herd of 100 cows and farm 100 hectares in Cockermouth. They supply milk to the Lake District Creamery in Aspatria, where the new Cumbrian Cheddar is made.

Based only a few miles away, they can actually see the creamery from the farm and Terry, Cumbrian born and bred, can't wait to see the cheese on shelf, carrying the Lake District name – and his picture.

"I moved to the farm in 1967 with my parents. In that 40 years we've sold our milk all over the country and you're never quite sure where it actually ends up. I've been saying for years that it would be fantastic if there was a Lake District branded cheese, and now it's here.

"Now that we know every drop of milk we produce is going into the Lake District Creamery to make Cumbrian Cheddar, we have something we can be really proud of as a family and a region", says Terry.

The rich dairy heritage and expertise that Terry inherited from his parents is now being passed on to his daughter Rosie.

And this knowledge passed down through the generations, together with the abundant lush pasture and fresh air, are the key ingredients of the high quality milk produced by farmers in the region.

Terry says: "Dairy farming is engrained in the people of Cumbria and the lessons I learnt as a child are the same lessons Rosie is learning now. The industry needs that link as it help keeps tradition alive and the principles true. Happy cows mean great milk and that will always be the case."

More information about the Lake District Cheese Company can be found at our new consumer website: www.lakedistrictcheesecompany.co.uk.