Scottish Pride Success with The Great Scottish Toastie

The 'Great Scottish Toastie' was a sell-out at the Royal Highland Show as demand for the legendary Scottish Pride toastie continually exceeded supply.

More than 20,000 cheese toasties were given away by Scottish Pride over the four days of the show – and at times there was even a long queue of hungry visitors who were waiting for the toasties to pop!

The 'Great Scottish Toastie' is a key marketing initiative for Scottish Pride, as the success story of the brand continues to grow.

Relaunched just a year ago, Scottish Pride has already made significant inroads into the branded cheddar market in Scotland and has become the No 2 Scottish Origin Brand by both volume and value.*

"Scottish provenance is particularly important to Scottish consumers, who – where they can – like to buy locally produced cheese. Some 27% of cheese-buying consumers in Scotland currently buy Scottish cheese so we have an opportunity to bring new consumers on board to Scottish cheese as well as convert others to the Scottish Pride brand," explained Richard Hollingdale, sales and marketing director of The First Milk Cheese Company.

"We guarantee that Scottish Pride cheddar is produced using only 100% Scottish milk. The Scottish Pride name is an institution and we have given it a modern makeover to make it relevant for today's consumers. It is a strong brand with a rich Scottish dairy heritage which consumers know they can trust.

"Scottish pride cheddar is made to a special recipe and is selected at the right taste profile to deliver all-round family appeal," added Richard.

Marketing of Scottish Pride focuses in on the all-important family market with a giant inflatable Scottish Pride cow; branded facemasks and recipe leaflets.
And in a bid to secure new customers, a video film capturing giant mice on motorbikes chasing a Scottish Pride delivery van through the streets of Scottish towns because the cheese is 'so great you couldn't wait' has found its way on to Youtube TV.

"Youtube creates awareness of the Scottish Pride brand among a different consumer audience and highlights the humour and personality to the brand – something which is lacking in the cheese category," said Richard.

Scottish Pride is being produced using 100% guaranteed Scottish milk, sourced from First Milk's dairy farmers.

*TNS (Scottish origin Brands – 12 w/e 18 May 08)


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