First Milk's Arran Creamery to Star in BBC One Series 'Country Tracks'

First Milk's Torrylinn Creamery on Arran is to feature as part of a new BBC One series 'Country Tracks', which will be aired on the Sunday morning slot currently occupied by 'Countryfile'.

Torrylinn Creamery is the home of the award-winning Isle of Arran cheese, which is hand made in open vats using 100% Arran milk.

The 'Country Tracks' series, re-visits different parts of the British Isles, unveiling the main attractions along the way.

This episode will feature an adventurous journey around Arran and the Torrylinn creamery will be in the spotlight, with general manager Alex Home and cheese-maker Paul Murray demonstrating the art of cheese-making.

First Milk's Limited Edition Burns Truckle will also play a starring role, with its association to the homecoming campaign to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns.

Alex Home, general manager of the Creamery, said: "We are delighted to be featuring in the new BBC 'Country Tracks' series. There was a great buzz on site during the filming and our cheese-makers really enjoyed interacting with the BBC production team and showcasing our award-winning cheese, which we are proud of."

The programme will be broadcast on BBC One in mid April.


For further information, please contact:

Jenny Sutherland, Communications Advisor

0141 847 6861 or 07825 535284

31 March 2009