First Milk Win Taste Test with BBC Easy Cook Magazine

The Co-operative's Everyday Mild Cheddar, made at First Milk's Lake District Creamery, has topped a taste test in the latest edition of the BBC Easy Cook magazine.

The cheddar triumphed in this special issue of the magazine which looks at cooking on a budget. The panel of judges commented: "We really liked the look of this cheese - in fact, we think that, out of its packaging, it could even pass as an artisan cheese on a cheeseboard. It has lots of flavour for a mild cheese and we liked the way that it crumbled when we cut it - some others we tried were very rubbery."

First Milk also supplies a range of private label cheddars to The Co-operative from its creameries in Wales and Scotland.

For further information, please contact: Jenny Sutherland, Communications Advisor
0141 847 6861 or 07825 535284

23 February 2009