First Milk Supports National Dairy Week

First Milk is supporting National Dairy Week which runs from 2 – 8 February 2009.

During the week, organisers The Dairy Council will be reminding consumers and health professionals that dairy products are an important source of calcium and key nutrients with the key message listed below:

· Dairy foods form part of dietary guidelines worldwide

· Milk, cheese and yogurt are sources of calcium. Calcium plays a number of essential roles in the body

· Milk, cheese and yogurt are sources of good quality protein. Protein is important for growth and repair

· Dairy foods are an economical source of nutrients. Dairy foods fit well into recommended healthy eating pattern for all age groups

· Dairy foods supply 43% of the calcium in UK diets – more than any other food group

The headline event during the week will be a conference on 4 February where US Professor Robert Heaney will speak out on the nutritional benefits of dairy while TV's Masterchef co-presenter Gregg Wallace will look at dairy through the ages.

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