First Milk Launches Scottish Pride Lighter

Dairy farmer co-operative First Milk is moving into the reduced-fat cheese market with the launch of Scottish Pride Lighter.

Guaranteed to be made with 100% Scottish milk sourced from their members' farms, Scottish Pride Lighter is the only Scottish origin lighter brand in the sector. With its everyday appeal, the cheese is being targeted at the all-important family market.

While the latest product contains 30% less fat than standard Scottish Pride, First Milk's cheese makers have refused to compromise on taste and have developed a recipe which meets both exacting requirements.

"There is an increasing shift in consumer attitudes towards healthy eating and it is important that we meet those demands," explained Richard Hollingdale, sales and marketing director for First Milk's cheese business.

"Yet the cheese must have a flavour and taste that consumers enjoy, so we've worked hard to ensure we've got the right depth of taste," added Richard.

"Coupled with our 100% Scottish message and the latest convenient zip-lock packaging to give consumers better value, we are very confident that Scottish Pride Lighter will be a hit with consumers."

Scottish Pride Lighter is already available to buy in stores across Scotland including Morrisons, Somerfield and Spar. Further major retailer listings are expected to follow.

The launch of Scottish Pride Lighter coincides with a new Food Standards Agency cheese campaign due out next month to encourage consumers to reduce their saturated fat intake.

For more information, please contact:
Jenny Sutherland, Communications Advisor, 0141 847 6861.