First Milk keeps price momentum going

From 1 April 2011, First Milk will increase the standard litre price it pays to producers in its liquid pool by 1.2 ppl to 26.2ppl. From the same date it will boost the price it pays to producers in its cheese and balancing pools by 1ppl to 25.52ppl.
These increases include a 0.5ppl production bonus. The production bonus is a simple monthly calculation and will be paid on all litres if the volume produced in the month is higher than the same month in the previous year.

First Milk chairman Bill Mustoe commented: "These moves means that in 2011 alone, we have lifted the liquid pool price by 2.57ppl and the cheese and balancing price by 2.25ppl as a result of negotiating increases from our customers and continuing to run our own business more effectively.

"In recognition of the leap in farm input costs and the strength of alternative markets for milk, we are maintaining price pressure on all our customers to enable us to pay a sustainable return to our members."

For further information, please contact Paul Flanagan, Group communications director on 07767 241452.


Notes for editors:

From 1 April, the Highlands and Islands pool price will also increase by 1ppl to 25.98ppl.

7 March 2011