First Milk Joins Forces with McDonalds in Beef Supply Initiative

First Milk has joined forces with McDonalds, the world's largest fast food chain, as part of an industry leading initiative, which has created an alternative market for our members' dairy bull calves.

The scheme, which is currently being piloted by an agricultural alliance, comprising First Milk, feed manufacturer Harbro and beef supplier Scotbeef, aims to create a more efficient and sustainable Scottish beef industry by making greater use of dairy herds at a time when overall beef numbers are declining.

Traditionally, the dairy industry has had no viable use for bull calves and this initiative will lead to an increasing volume of cattle being transferred to beef production.

The scheme has been piloted by nearly forty of our members in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire and will soon be rolled out to members across the UK.

Willie Cuthbertson, sales & technical manager for First Milk Direct, commented: "The beef supply scheme has enabled our farmers involved in the pilot to generate much-needed financial benefits from calves that are otherwise a surplus cost to their dairy businesses.

"We look forward to extending the scheme to our members UK-wide, which will bring more bull calves into the beef supply chain, providing a boost to the industry and assure high quality, locally reared beef is available for the future."