First Milk continues price momentum

First Milk continues price momentum

From 1 October, First Milk is increasing the price it pays to its liquid pool by 1.5ppl. Producers in its cheese and balancing pools will receive a 1ppl increase from the same date.These increases reflect improved market returns and more business efficiencies. First Milk's chairman Bill Mustoe commented:"Over the course of the summer we've met more than 1000 of our producers at farm roadshows and agricultural shows. The message coming through strongly is that they like the progress we are making and they're looking for more of the same in the future.

"We wake up every morning with one main focus - how can we put more cash in the till to drive sustainable returns for our producers. To that end in 2011 alone, we've increased our milk pool prices by more than any other national or regional milk buyer, plus paid out two returns on members' capital. Our management team will continue to search out and create value for our farmers through new products, market opportunities, and joint ventures"

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About First Milk

First Milk is a farmer-owned food business that supplies and markets 15% of the milk produced in the UK. As an integrated company, it is a major player in the liquid milk, dairy ingredients and cheese sectors. As a business with a passion for innovation and sustainability, it is constantly seeking fresh ways of working with partners across the supply chain to drive pioneering solutions to industry challenges. This has been supported by rapid progress recently on launching new products, and securing new customers in UK and international markets.