First Milk Calls On Members To Bring New Skills To The Board

First Milk is looking to its members with proven commercial acumen to share their ideas to drive the farmer-owned business forward.

Ahead of some upcoming changes to the First Milk Board, chairman Bill Mustoe has issued a call for members with that extra commercial factor or track record to help him over the next six months.

At present, First Milk's 26-strong local representative group is responsible for electing farmers into the six farmer positions on the Board. But the new chairman is keen to broaden his talent pool to the entire 2600 membership.

"We have some strong farmer directors on the Board, but we need a Board packed with people with proven commercial acumen. I want to be able to look around the Boardroom table and see a group of people with broad experience and strong business contacts that are coming up with constructive ideas to improve the returns we are making," explained Bill.

His preference, which is supported by the Board, is to reduce the number of elected farmer directors on the Board to three, and to appoint three more directors from the wider member population. This change requires an amendment to the rules of First Milk and this proposal will be put forward to members to vote on at the AGM in the autumn.

In the interim, Bill wants to access the best business minds across the First Milk membership: "My aim is that we get together a team of members to complement the existing skills and knowledge we have within the Board and Executive team. This six-month period will allow me to get to know these people and judge what they could add to our Board.

"It also gives these members, some of whom will have not previously considered putting themselves forward for the Board, the opportunity to see whether they would want to become a First Milk director," he added.

Members can either nominate themselves for a role, or can suggest other members with appropriate experience. Suggested names and contact details should be emailed to by 28 February 2010.

First Milk will then get in touch with these people to get a short summary of experience and then meet up with the individuals and discuss ideas. The aim is to have this new member group in place before the end of March.


For further information, please contact:

Jill Coyle
communications manager
T: 0141 847 6884
M: 07825 625205


2 February 2010