First Milk AGM 2011

Wednesday 05 October 2011, Castle Green Hotel, Cumbria

Speaking at First Milk's AGM conference in Cumbria, First Milk's chairman Bill Mustoe said:

"At First Milk we believe that the more farmers work together, the more value they'll get out of the dairy market."If you believe that too, come out of the stands and join us on the pitch."

"Whatever part you play in the dairy supply chain, whether you're a farmer, union rep, consultant, banker, supplier or customer, come and join us and help us to drive value for dairy farmers."

"Some tell me that in this tough financial environment, we should draw in our horns, batten down the hatches, and ride things out. We will not be backing down. We will not be slowing down."

"All my life I've believed that there are no tired markets. There are only tired marketeers. We're moving up the gears and the future's going to be exciting if you're involved with First Milk."

Notes to editors

The conferencewas heldat the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal, Cumbria.

213 people attended the conference (including members, other producers, farming unions, consultants, bankers, accountants and media)

Other speakers at First Milk's 2011 conference were:

· Kate Allum (chief executive, First Milk)

· Inder Poonaji (head of sustainability, Nestle UK)

· Koert Liekelema (md, Fonterra Europe)

· Peter Willes (Parkham Farms)

· John Allen (md, Kite Consulting)

· Tony Evans (head of dairy, Anderson Partnership)