Arran Creamery Creates Unpasteurised Cheese for Marks & Spencer

The Torrylinn creamery on the Isle of Arran is creating a premium, unpasteurised cheese for retailer Marks & Spencer, which sees the cheese produced, matured, packed and distributed from the Scottish island. The product has won a listing in all of Marks and Spencer's Scottish stores.The Kilmory cheddar is hand made to an exclusive recipe in a partnership between the retailer and First Milk, the farmer-owned business, which operates the Isle of Arran creamery.
"This is our first venture with Marks & Spencer and both of us have taken time and great care to ensure we are delivering a first class product for the discerning Marks & Spencer customer," commented First Milk sales and marketing director, Richard Hollingdale.

Just three farmers produce milk on the island, the vast majority of which is supplied to the Isle of Arran creamery on the southern tip of the island to create award-winning cheese.

The creamery uses time-honoured methods passed down through generations of cheese makers to produce its traditional Dunlop cheddar and a similar process is followed to create the unpasteurised Kilmory.

For more information, please contact Jill Coyle, Communications Manager, 0141 847 6884 / 07825 625205.

Editor Notes
The Torrylinn Creamery, on the picturesque Isle of Arran was opened by King George VI in 1947 and continues to make Dunlop cheese by hand, in open vats. The creamery also makes Scotland's national cheese, Arran Dunlop.

27 October 2009